I first met John, owner of PGP Wedding Films, the way many vendors in the industry connect – via Instagram! We met over coffee to talk about our work and business goals. This was shortly after Bloom With Us started fully forming in my head, and I was beginning to talk to vendors about The Bloom Collaborative to get an idea of whether or not this like-minded vendor community could really work. When I told John that I wanted to put emphasis on the marriage itself versus the wedding day alone, we pretty instantly clicked. It was an easy decision to start referring my couples to him, especially after seeing his work. My brother-in-law even ended up hiring John for his wedding, and he and his new wife watch their video all the time. It was also such a beautiful thing to be able to show his grandfather who couldn't be there on the day. We were all able to relive those moments together.

“As someone who creates a product that is more valuable after your wedding than before – until you see your film, it’s just money you spent for some guy with a camera to hang out with you for a day – I want my films to be a reminder to couples as they move forward in their marriage.”

Not having a videographer is my husband's and my only wedding regret. That day goes by in such a blur, and we wish we had someone there to capture our first dance, hugs with our families, and all the little moments we may have missed to look back on. John's advice to couples on the fence? "Is it essential? No, you will still have a wedding and be married at the end of the day. But I do think that’s kind of short-sighted. Will you ever watch it? I don’t know, although I hope you do, and I think you will. Because it’s the only way you can go back and hear your vows, speeches, see your dance. One couple who got one of our longer documentary films said watching it was like being a guest at their own wedding." It's certainly a big expense when looking at your wedding budget, but if you would love to be able to show your kids what you were like on your wedding day, or to share the experience with friends and family that weren't able to make it – it is worth every cent. There are other places to save if having these priceless memories is important to you, and I think it should be.

Photo by Lydia Joy Photography

John starting filmmaking back in high school, and he was hooked right away. His style has developed over the years into what it is today, trying to encapsulate every aspect of a wedding day into one short film. "I started realizing that the impactful moments of a wedding aren’t just the big moments everyone does, but the little moments throughout the day that you aren’t even thinking about – a quick joke to break the tension during your ceremony, talking and dancing with grandparents, little smiles during the portrait session. Those are the moments that really communicate who a couple are together, and that’s always my number one focus... If they are emotional, with tears falling all day, that’s the tone I want in the film. If it’s a lot of laughs and a big party, that’s the energy I want to convey. My hope is anyone who watches a couple’s film – their best friends, their parents, or complete strangers – gets them through the backdrop of their wedding day." At Bloom With Us our goal is always first and foremost to work one-on-two with our couples to understand their relationship and their style. Personalizing your wedding day is the best way to make it memorable and special for you and your guests. I strive to break (far) away from cookie-cutter wedding experiences, and I love knowing that when I work with PGP Wedding Films those custom details will be focused on. You can really see personalities shine through in John's work, and that's what Bloom With Us aims for in our work as well.

“The biggest surprise for me is how invested I get into my couples. We try to be pretty low key on your wedding day, and we get to capture some really impactful moments. I love it when a couple tells me they showed their film to a grandparent who couldn’t make it and they cried over it, or how they notice something different every time they watch their films.”

Outside of shooting weddings, John also creates content that can help couples navigate wedding planning. His show, Say Yes to the Best, invites professionals in the wedding industry to talk about their niche. "I started Say Yes to the Best because I didn’t feel like I was putting anything helpful out in the world through social media. Yes, I can post pretty stuff from my films, but unless you are actively looking for a videographer in the Philadelphia area…who cares? Scroll on by." Florists, photographers, planners (keep an eye out for our tips in the future!), and other vendors share their advice and insights on topics that couples may not get to hear about elsewhere. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel to get notifications for this helpful, weekly talk show!

“My favorite part of a wedding day is when the couple sees each other for the first time...When I got married, the moment I saw my wife at the end of the aisle is only topped by my kids being born. Every time, I’m transported back to that moment, and I love getting to capture that for my couples!”

Just like with photography, floral design, and planning – every videographer has a unique style of filming and editing, and not every videographer is right for every couple. If you are looking to capture real emotions and an all-encompassing representation of your wedding day with an artistic flare, PGP Wedding Films might be the right choice for you.

Photo by Lydia Joy Photography