We had 19 weddings last season – there were so many fantastic memories, unique designs, and cherished love stories. But there is one in particular that stands out to me. It was one of my last weddings of the year, and I can still feel the emotion of that day when I look through the photos. Sherise + Katelyn came to me so early on in their process, we literally spent years planning their dream wedding day together. From the moment they told me the winding journey that brought them here, I knew this was something special. It was an absolute honor and privilege to be even a small piece of their story, and I will never, ever forget it.

These two first met in middle school back in 2004, and they immediately became inseparable best friends. It wasn't long before Katelyn realized she thought of Sherise as more than a friend – within months, she was in love. Unfortunately, Sherise did not reciprocate her feelings; but that didn't change Katelyn's love for her. For the next eleven years, she watched from the sidelines as her best friend dated, fell in love, and had her heart broken. She was her shoulder to cry on – her support system – and all the while, her feelings never wavered. In 2015, Sherise (finally) started to notice Katelyn in a different way. She told me, "I always labeled myself as 'straight', but then I realized I was in love with the person – it didn't matter who or what she was." Katelyn grinned from ear to ear as she spoke. I lost count of how many times she looked over to her fiancée and said, "I can't believe how lucky I am."

I have always been a lover of love – my husband and I are high school sweethearts, I cry at every wedding I work or attend, and I'm always up for a good romantic comedy – but I didn't believe in true soulmates until Sherise + Katelyn said their vows. There is absolutely no denying that these two are meant to be when you see the way they look at each other, or hear the way they speak to each other. It was a cold and rainy October day, but none of that mattered. These love birds are just pure light and warmth, and to be surrounded by so many supportive loved ones was breathtaking to witness. There was not a dry eye in sight as they pledged their love to one another. With a hand-fasting ceremony, exchanging of rings, and jumping the broom; two became one.

So many factors went into making this day so special; from the heartfelt vows to the moving speech from Katelyn's mom, who watched her daughter pine over her one true love. A mother-daughter dance, honoring Sherise's mother who passed the year before, brought her family and friends to the dance floor, surrounding her in pure love. The emotion of the day was overwhelming, but it didn't stop them from having the time of their lives. Rainbow smoke bombs, cupcakes-to-the-face, and never-ending dancing kept the party going. The Grove at Kempton provided the perfect intimate atmosphere for this occasion, and Sherise's background in design had gorgeous DIY elements incorporated into every aspect. This was their perfect day, and I can't think of anyone more deserving.

Your wedding should not be about how much you spend on your decor, or how elaborate your venue is. Your wedding kickstarts your forever. Sherise + Katelyn had a full wedding day on a budget, celebrating their marriage – their love story – surrounded by the people who love and support and care for them. There are some out there who may look at these women and think it is wrong for them to be together, but there aren't enough words for just how right they are with one another. This is love.

Our Services: Planning, referrals, and day-of coordination

Photographer: Chrissy Marie Photography

Venue: The Grove at Kempton

Cupcakes: SLB Cakes

Decor, Flowers, Stationery, + Signs: DIY

From the Couple:

“Amy from [Bloom With Us] and her team were the most incredible people to have a part of our special day. They went above and beyond to help make sure things ran smoothly. Amy, myself, and my wife had multiple phone calls, in person meetings, and emails over the course of the year leading up to the wedding helping to solidify the plan. Amy was so helpful, knowledgeable, and she new tricks on how to help us save money. She helped with vendors and also had a large inventory of rental items available for us to utilize on the wedding day so that we didn’t need to purchase a million decorations. She surprised us so many times with how much she gave her all to help make us feel like we had nothing to worry about on such a big day. And she did just that, we were able to have fun and enjoy our wedding without stressing over little details because Amy and her team were there. Even last minute before I walked out in my dress Amy was there with fabric tape to adjust part of my dress for me, and at the end of the night when my feet were so sore she was there to help me change into comfy shoes. My wife and I truly cannot imagine how the day would have gone, had we not hired Amy to help plan and coordinate things. Her responsiveness and organization were so appreciated, along with how friendly her team was. She is such a sweetheart and a true pleasure to work with, we are extremely thankful to have had her and would hands-down absolutely recommend her to anyone who is getting married!!”

– Sherise + Katelyn